About Us

Founded in 2015, Traverse Solutions is an asset-based private fleet servicing the greater Cincinnati, OH area.

Our core objectives:

  1. Offer competitive, simplified rates. In an industry complicated by hidden-charges, our pricing format is upfront and honest. Our customers are not subjected to the traditional chassis split or rental charges. No calculator is required to determine fuel surcharges either; our rates are all inclusive.
  2. Provide excellent service. Execution of commitments is where we truly excel. Simply put; we uphold our obligations to our customers. Whether someone has a track and trace inquiry, or needs last minute, special accommodations, we are here to assist. Our professional truck drivers are company employees; not independent contractors.
  3. Offer solutions to your problems. Can't find a motor carrier to handle overweight freight? Another carrier drop the ball at the last minute? Approaching a last-free day scenario? We have got you covered. The relationships we have with our customers will always be paramount.